30 Indie Games You Should Know About Launching in 2023

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thirsty suitor is a cross between scott pilgrim’s Battles with villainous exes, stylish arcade skateboarding and culinary episodes are all portrayed through a South Asian cultural lens. Outerloop Games’ role-playing game stars Jara as she returns to an old town with an old flame and arranges their reconciliation through turn-based battles in which the simple act of talking to each other is elevated to ridiculous levels . There’s even a phase where Jara enters a dream world where her ex appears to be a powerful, warped version of their self-concept.think Persona 5 But there are fewer criminals. Jala explores her old town on a skateboard (more jet radio Compare Tony Hawk)when she was at home with her family, she would cook with her mom in an exaggerated, bawdy way. thirsty suitor All of its storylines are portrayed this way, but with a grounded humanity at its core, and it will be exciting when the game launches on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch .

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