If you don’t want to train DALL-E, please check your Adobe Creative Cloud settings

By default you are opted in to this feature

It looks like Adobe has been collecting the artwork you create across all Adobe Creative Cloud apps to add to datasets for machine learning. The program apparently started nearly six months ago, with all Adobe CC subscribers automatically opting in, with no details provided to users. Thankfully, they have provided details on how to opt out here.

Some of the training data may be used to improve the Adobe tools you use, such as the 2D to 3D conversion functionality. However, it also seems like Adobe is a bit left out of the latest craze and wants to get in on the action. With the popularity of DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and other AI art tools that can make pictures from text cues, it’s hard to believe Adobe wouldn’t pay attention to their own take on AI art.

Because of the large number of people using Adobe Creative Cloud every day, they will be able to collect a lot of data to build training sets for their own products. Adobe doesn’t collect personal information along with your creations, but with enough examples it seems they can easily identify and replicate your style. If this doesn’t appeal to you, you should definitely check your privacy settings.

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