Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: Get up to $100 in credit when pre-ordering a new Samsung device

Free Samsung Points: If you pre-order, you’ll get a $50 Samsung pre-order credit(opens in a new tab) The upcoming Samsung Galaxy smartphone or Galaxy Book until February 1st, the day Samsung Galaxy Unpacked is showcased. Get $100 off pre-orders for both devices.

Samsung hopes you’re ready to take your chances ahead of its upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event.

Through February 1st (the day of the Biennial when Samsung will unveil new products), Samsung is giving you $50 in free credit to pre-order its unannounced Galaxy smartphone or Galaxy Book, which you can spend on Pre-Order – Order. Lock both devices and you’ll get $100.

We don’t actually know the specifics of the device in question, but we have a good feeling the smartphone will be the Galaxy S23 (possibly with stylus support like last year’s Galaxy S22 Ultra). Promotional material hints at a new camera with three lenses “built for moonlight,” so some new night or low-light modes are highly likely.

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Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked event is scheduled for February 1st

Some fine print: Anyone is eligible for the offer; all you have to say is your name, phone number, and email address.Also, if you pre-order a Galaxy smartphone and/or Book, you’re technically not obligated to buy them, but you will If you decide not to complete your purchase, your $50 or $100 credit will be forfeited. These points can only be redeemed as part of these pre-orders and cannot be used for any other content on or the Shop Samsung app.

Tune in to the Galaxy Unpacked event to see exactly what you’re getting—it’ll be live on Samsung’s website and YouTube channel starting Wednesday, February 1 at 1 p.m. ET.

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