Destiny 2 Gives Players Armor Mods Before Lightning Falls

Destiny 2 Guardians standing side by side in Iron Banner armor.

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destiny 2 Fixing a bunch of stuff for this month and changing ahead of time huge in february lighthouse expansion. Players don’t have to think hard to get into the Grandmaster Nightfall quest. Over the next few weeks, the Iron Banner will be more generous with armor drops. Armor mods, one of the most fun yet esoteric parts of Bungie’s loot shooter, are finally unlocked for everyone.

destiny 2 bad for new players. You can have a lot of fun, but some of the most fun parts of the game are locked in after dozens of hours or more of grinding, unlocking, and luck.One of the things new players are hard to get is the armor mod, which drastically changes the way you play the game, but can only be obtained by hiding in the far corner of the main social hub. While all of this is available to veteran players, new players can run into huge holes in their arsenal when crafting interesting builds. no longer.

Yesterday, Bungie unlocked all standard armor mods for all players. While it’s still necessary to acquire raid mods and artifact mods, it’s no longer necessary to seek out Warmind, Well, and Charged with Light, among other powerful mods.even if you just started playing destiny 2you can start experimenting with different synergies or, more likely, copying best build Online tour.

ADA showcases a protective light armor mod for sale.

screenshot: bungee jumping

“With the massive changes in buildcrafting lighthousewe want to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy all of the standard mods in their current state for the remainder of the season,” Bungie said in Thursday’s This Week in Bungie (TWAB) Blog Posts. The studio will be outlining different ways the mod works in next week’s preview. In the meantime, however, players can enjoy some other quality of life improvements.

Grandmaster Nightfalls now unlocks at 1580 energy and only requires you to reach 1595 to hit the difficulty cap. The focus cost of Trials of Osiris, Crucible, and Gambit weapons and armor has also all been reduced to 25 Legendary Shards. On top of that, the remaining Iron Banner events this season will nearly double the difficulty of resetting ranks and getting a full set of the popular new retro Iron Banner armor.

things have been very touchy destiny 2 recent. While Season 19 has been hailed as one of the funnier, lighter updates in a while, there have also been plenty of technical bugs and multiplayer complaints.Iron Banner meeting last week have various problems, not the least of which is that players grind a lot of matches without managing to finish a set of armor.Upcoming changes should help win some goodwill ahead of Lightfall destiny 2 It might start feeling like a whole new game again.

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