Ricoh GR III breaks new ground for compact digital cameras

When was the last time you took a really serious, long look at a compact digital camera? A long time ago, no? After all, many of us are pretty happy with the image quality captured by our respective smartphones, but Ricoh has something that might be worth checking out: the Ricoh GR III camera. Touted as the latest model in the Ricoh GR series, it is capable of delivering superb image quality in a compact, lightweight body, making it ideal for street photography, travel and more, and ensuring the images you capture will last forever.

The Ricoh GR III will have a newly designed lens, image sensor, and imaging engine that will further enhance its image quality, enhance its functionality, and improve its usability. Equipped with an 18.3mm F2.8 lens, you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy excellent imaging performance wrapped in a slim design consisting of six optical elements in four groups. All of this performance while maintaining a 28mm viewing angle. Additionally, Ricoh claims it produces the clearest, sharpest images in the history of the GR series, while reducing distortion and chromatic aberration.

Want to get up close and personal with a specific topic? This is not a problem for the Ricoh GR III, which is equipped with a macro function and a minimum focusing distance of 6cm. Pack all of this into a smaller compact form factor than its predecessor, and you get 24 megapixels of sharpness and clarity, and the ability to shoot anything within 0.8 seconds of powering on. Expect the Ricoh GR III to cost $899.95 each, and the GW-4 wide-angle conversion lens to sell for $249.95.

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