MediaTek releases Dimensity 9300 SoC, full-core CPU, significantly improved AI performance

On November 6, chip manufacturers MediaTek release Dimensity 9300whose flagship mobile SoC aims to challenge Qualcomm announced Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 two weeks ago.

Dimensity 9300 adopts TSMC third generation 4nm+ technology, consisting of 22.7 billion transistors and featuring new “Full Big Core” CPU Architecture Committed to performance.

MediaTek claims that performance and power consumption have been improved compared to the previous generation Dimensity 9200, and the performance is slightly better than the previous generation Dimensity 9200. Snapdragon 8 third generation in some benchmark tests.

8-core full-core CPU, scalable peak performance

Dimensity 9300 “full large-core CPU architecture” 4 Cortex-X4 super cores, 1 clocked at 3.25GHz, 3 at 2.85GHzand Four large-core Cortex-A720, 2.0 GHz. The new architecture is expected to allow MediaTek to stay ahead of the competition with powerful performance.

In contrast, Snapdragon 8 third generationEquipped with a single extra-large Cortex-X4 core, five large Cortex-A720 cores and two smaller Cortex-A520 efficiency cores to balance power consumption and performance.

MediaTek promises that the new architecture will still provide good power efficiency and will not face thermal management issues.

MediaTek carries out innovative changes through large-core CPU architecture, […] Simply turn on the big cores to speed up calculations and then go into low-power sleep faster to meet low-power requirements, […] while extending peak performance”, said Finbarr Moynihan, General Manager and Vice President of Enterprise Marketing at MediaTek.

MediaTek expands Dimensity 9200’s on-chip memory from 14 MB to 18 MB (8 MB L3 cache and 10 MB system cache) On Dimensity 9300, the external memory interface is upgraded to Supports LPDDR5T, the fastest RAM currently available for mobile devicesthe speed is Up to 9.6 Gbps.

this Dimensity 9300 deliver Performance is 15% higher than Dimensity 9200 at the same power level, Power consumption reduced by 33% under the same performance, and Peak performance increased by 40%According to MediaTek.

Immortalis-G720, 12-core GPU, ray tracing performance increased by 46%

Last year, the Dimensity 9200 integrated the 11-core Immortalis GPU G-715, the first flagship ARM GPU with hardware-based ray tracing (RT) capabilities.Thanks an extra core, Combined with more on-chip system RAM and L3 cache and faster LPDDR5T external memory interfacenew Immortals-G720 ray tracing performance improved by 46%. Improved RT performance enables global illumination technology to enable more realistic 3D games.

company Claims that GPU performance is 46% higher than the previous generation At the same power level, power efficiency is improved by 40% compared to Qualcomm competitors in some of GFX Bench’s gaming benchmarks, and frame rates are significantly improved.

APU 790, the seventh-generation AI processing unit designed for generative AI

The new APU 790 has been redesigned to support on-device generative AI applications. MediaTek designed a new A16W4 (INT4) Tensor processing unit and Unique memory compression technology Helps compute large language models (LLMs) used to generate artificial intelligence.

Thanks to this new architecture, MediaTek claims Auxiliary power unit 790 Can run LL.M. 7 billion parameters for 20 tokens per second or 13 billion parameters at a slower speed (16 GB RAM), and Up to 33 billion when expanding RAM.

With its new APU, MediaTek claims one Generative AI applications perform 8x better than previous generationsthe new architecture is claimed to handle image generation in less than a second using a robust text-to-image diffusion model.

Like its old rival Qualcomm, the Dimensity 9300 supports standard large language models (LLM) such as Meta’s Lama2 and Baidu’s ERNIE-3-4.

On the more traditional artificial intelligence side, the APU 790 delivers 2x integer and arithmetic floating-point performance for applications such as computational photography and video display management, while consuming 45% less power than last year’s SoC.

Imagiq 990 ISP, enhanced camera experience

this Imagiq 990 ISP discount Always turn on the HDR function to achieve 4K shooting at 60 fpsand Real-time bokeh tracking. Thanks to support for 16 object layer segmentations during video recording, the camera system can recognize and track faces, people, bodies, trees, grass, mountains, skies, oceans and landscapes, then apply different corrections or Enhance.

Other features include independent OIS and 3-microphone HDR audio noise reduction.

The Vivo X100 series smartphones are expected to be launched in China on November 13, powered by MediaTek Dimensity 9300 processor.

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