Loungefly dog ​​party photos reveal adorable new pet accessories

Loungefly Pet Collection Party

photo: Sabrina Graves/Gizmodo

Need we say more?Here are a bunch of dogs wearing cute little clothes Loungefly backpacks and accessories inspired by Miracle, Star Wars, And Disney animation?

Loungefly just launched Fandom pet accessories series, and celebrated with a doggy party in Los Angeles for a group of influencers and journalists and their fur babies. io9 Puppy Gus Gus Graves joined me on set to try out the series Star Wars Ewok – An obvious choice since he’s a Shih Tzu mix and already looks a lot like an Ewok.

Loungefly hosted this party Recently launched series exist dog man (members-only dog ​​club), which means Gus Gus can spend time in the sun with a fun group of other stylish pooches, including his canine companions Star Wars Enthusiast Marceline Lorenzo Gallegos. From collars, leashes, backpack harnesses, to little bags for poop bags, here’s what the Loungefly Pet Collection looks like when used with some of the cutest dogs you’ll ever see.

Check out the adorable pets rocking little fan backpacks in this gallery!

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