4 Ways How the EZOffceInventory Mobile App Facilitates Quick and Easy Operations

Mobile asset tracking provides anytime, anywhere access to critical asset data to speed up workflow. The EZOfficeInventory mobile app is based on basic barcode and QR code technology, allowing you to access real-time information and update records in a central database directly from your smartphone. Data from the field is instantly synced via the mobile app, making it accessible to everyone without delay.

Equipping your asset tracking system with a mobile app can increase efficiency and productivity. Field worker users can use the app to quickly locate assets and scan them for checkout as needed. This way, all asset movement is controlled regardless of location, ensuring faster action, faster response times and better security.

Industry Mobile Asset Tracking

Let’s look at some examples of how mobile asset tracking software is used in different industries:

educate: K-12 schools have IT equipment such as Chromebooks and laptops that are checked in and out frequently. Mobile asset tracking helps keep track of all assets assigned to teachers and students easily and effortlessly. The app can track location and verify ownership on the spot, saving time and effort. These practices ultimately help minimize losses and lead to a better learning experience.

health care: Hospitals have a large number of consumables that need to be tracked on a daily basis. In this case, mobile apps can be useful as smartphones can be easily taken to all stock rooms for inventory scanning. Medical technicians can also generate purchase requests for out-of-stock items directly from the lab, helping speed approvals. Additionally, medical centers can set up customized dashboards for different roles so that doctors and technicians can simply open the app to view their daily tasks first thing in the morning.

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Manufacturing and Warehousing: Manufacturing projects are often located at remote sites that lack easy access. In these cases, field staff can use a mobile app to reserve the items they want directly from the site and check multiple items within a specific time period. Additionally, mobile apps can help employee users log in to work progress, track container locations, and even update work logs on the go.

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Key Benefits of Mobile Apps for Asset Tracking

Companies using mobile asset tracking software can gain many important operational advantages without additional cost or training. For example, remote access enables you to quickly identify and eliminate ghost assets present in warehouses and storerooms. Additionally, the ability to check in assets in real time minimizes the potential for theft and misplacement, resulting in cost savings. Let us discuss some of the key features of EZOfficeInventory mobile app to explore the benefits it brings to your organization.

Value-driven dashboard functionality

Mobile apps are designed for quick action on the go. Therefore, it is crucial that the application provides a snapshot of all ongoing operations as soon as the user logs in. Access this information to help you resolve urgent issues, review pending permissions, and step through projects assigned to you.

Organizations from different industries can customize KPIs on their mobile dashboards to highlight the most important metrics that meet their needs. These metrics can also be defined based on user type so that only relevant information is displayed.

Additionally, the mobile app dashboard displays quick action buttons for booking, shopping cart, and custody verification. Project operations for live projects that require real-time updates can be completed with a single click. The dashboard in the mobile app also features the ability to search for anything across modules directly from the home screen. Global search helps save time and effort by removing friction and consolidating results into a single window.

Centralized project lookup speed and convenient

The mobile application is designed to provide users with easy work access and upgrade operations. To optimize this goal, EZOfficeInventory mobile app introduces Project Center – a centralized platform for all projects. This module displays all items in a single list, bringing all your assets, asset inventory, and inventory into one convenient view.

Having a centralized list of items and actions you can perform with a single click can help you find items faster and save you valuable time. Additionally, you can even sort and filter projects to adapt to changing business needs. For example, as a school administrator, you might want to quickly see how many Chromebooks have been loaned out and to whom. You just select the relevant filters and your data is at your fingertips, even on the go.

Quickly perform project actions with scans

The ability to scan asset tags from a mobile device to check items in and out is a critical process for remote and on-site projects. To facilitate asset operations, the Scan Center in the mobile app allows you to enter information simply by scanning a barcode or QR code. You can scan multiple items at once and select them in bulk for further operations. Adding new items by scanning simplifies the database update process without actually entering the details.

The option to scan items via a mobile app eliminates the possibility of misplaced and lost assets as you can take action immediately after their use has ended without any delay. Scanning also ensures that records are constantly updated, in sync with asset movement, as they are tracked in real time.

Easy checkout and returns using your shopping cart

For multiple asset checkouts, users can create a shopping cart using their asset tracking mobile app. This can help you more easily move multiple items from one location to another, make reservations, and add custodians if needed. The shopping cart feature allows you to simply record all important information in one place, making it easy to verify the movement of collections of items in daily operations.

Once you are done using these items, you can return them to your cart for further use. Carts provide maximum flexibility on site and make it easier to retain items without conflict.

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