How many T-Mobile Internet customers would like this news?

T-Mobile ranks highly for mobile carrier customer service, and riding on that success, the company has invested heavily in trying to get in the door of home internet users. But the company’s push for electric power may come at a cost to its customers: slower speeds.

In simple terms, if you exceed the 1.2TB threshold in a month, your internet speed possible Slow down during “heavy times.”

How do we know this?

MobileReport (TMO) decided to follow up on this thread and discovered that T-Mobile had not announced this change anywhere. At least not publicly, but in its terms of service for home broadband customers, it has added a new clause…

“Starting January 18, 2024, new T-Mobile Home Internet customers who use more than 1.2TB of data in a billing cycle are also considered heavy data users. Our rate plans and brands regularly evaluate threshold amounts, to manage network traffic and provide a great experience for all customers while providing a range of customer choices.”

“This change comes three days after T-Mobile quietly changed its home internet pricing, so it appears to be a move by T-Mobile to improve the profitability of the service itself,” TMO’s James Austin said. active efforts.”

“Nonetheless, it’s been amazing how the service has worked before and it’s sad to see the company becoming increasingly stingy in this regard.”

If there’s any good news, it’s that…

Austin was able to get T-Mobile to clarify some issues, which might make some customers feel better.

“The good news is that existing customers will not be affected by this change,” Austin found. “T-Mobile is free to change its mind later, but for now the restriction appears to only affect new customers.”

T-Mobile added this to try and clarify things:

“Even if a customer uses more than 1.2TB per month (more than 2x the average user – less than 10% of our customers), they still get unlimited data. They will only be prioritized after other home internet customers for reminder billing cycles , and they may notice slower speeds compared to other home internet customers during times of congestion. This ensures that all of our customers receive a good network experience. These customers will be reset to normal priority early next month, Until next time it reaches 1.2TB.”

However, Austin wasn’t entirely convinced by the company’s explanation. “Still, given the priority constraints, we wouldn’t be surprised if there were further reductions in a year or two. After all, companies around the world today seem to want to make things worse,” he said.

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