This product line has been removed from Steam due to expired license

Earlier today, players noticed Special Ops: A Chance of Survival is no longer available for purchase on Steam, leading many to fear that the critically acclaimed third-person shooter has been quietly removed from shelves without any warning.Sadly, 2K has confirmed this, and the publisher has explained why it pulled the landmark shooter.

Developed by Yager and released in 2012, Special Ops: A Chance of Survival is a little-known reboot special forces Franchise. Like previous games, line is a third-person military shooting game. However, the 2012 reboot received critical acclaim upon launch, as its story of a soldier slowly losing his grip on reality in the Dubai desert lends credence to the way some military shooters glorify the horrors of war. A meta-critical perspective. While the game didn’t sell as many copies as 2K had hoped, it has become a favorite among shooter fans. Now, it’s no longer on Steam.

January 29people began to notice Special Ops: A Chance of Survival Has been removed from other storefronts such as Steam and Fanatical. People are wondering if 2K has pulled the game, possibly because the licensing rights to some of the music on it have expired. A 2K spokesperson said that appears to be the case.

“Special Ops: A Chance of Survival” The online storefront will no longer be available due to the upcoming expiration of multiple partner licenses associated with the game,” 2K explained in a statement sent to . my city. There is no specific license name, but noteworthy musical tracks included in the game include Jimi Hendrix’s performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and Alice in Chains’ “Cock.”

Publisher assures players that game owners can still download and replay Special Ops: A Chance of Survival “Uninterrupted”, but it will no longer be easy to purchase digital copies in the future. Now, The game is still available on GoGbut the above statement seems to indicate that this will soon change.

“2K is deeply grateful to the community of players who have supported this game, and we look forward to bringing you more products from our brands this year and beyond,” 2K said in a statement.

While a sequel has been discussed for years, 2K seems unwilling to even tease it, instead just letting Special Ops: A Chance of Survival Disappear like a mirage in the desert. This is just one more game – in an ever-growing list – that gets harder and harder to play as time goes by.


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