Andrew Tate arrested after Ardin Ross leaked his escape plan

Best friends don’t tell on each other, but I guess Controversial Kick anchor Adin Ross Didn’t get that memo.According to a recent rolling stones The 20-something content creator reportedly accidentally leaked his associate Andrew Tate during a livestream last week, apparently bringing the self-proclaimed internet misogynist back to Romanian prison. After receiving a British arrest warrant.

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March 12, rolling stones comfirmed The Tate brothers, Andrew and Tristan, were rearrested by Romanian authorities after receiving a tip that they planned to leave Romania. While it’s unclear who provided the information, the publication noted that McCue Law, a firm that represents women who have accused the Tates of rape and sexual assault, learned about it through a Kick live broadcast by Adin Ross, a friend of the Tates. The brothers’ rolling stones Watching a video from the livestream revealed that at one point Ross read a direct message from Andrew to viewers. (This clip is not linked in the original version rolling stones story but Can be viewed here.)

“Andrew hit me,” Ross said. “He said, ‘Hey, I’m leaving Romania soon and may never come back. If you want to come over and do a week’s worth of long streams and content before I leave, I think that would be huge. And never. ‘ – I’m sorry, he said, ‘it’s basically now or never.'”

Mr. and Mrs. Tates previously arrested December 2022. Authorities say the pair employed what Andrew calls the “lover method” of seducing and subjugating women through intimidation and surveillance, and forcing them to perform in exploitative videos through manipulation and abuse.

A spokesman for the Tates family said rolling stones None of them planned to flee Romania to escape justice, explaining that Ross may have “misunderstood[d] News from Andrew. ” Eugen Vidineac, the Taits’ attorney, said what Ross read at the scene had “no basis in fact” and passionately expressed the brothers’ intentions to be “proactive.” [participate] Go through legal procedures” to protect your reputation.

my city Ross and Tate have been contacted for comment.

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Whether intentional or not, what Ardin Ross read from Andrew Tate appears to have had serious consequences. Here, I think when you become a Top G, you can do whatever you want, anytime, anywhere. but, As Tate said in many of his books, “You’re the only one who can mess this up.” Well, guess what, Tate? You messed this up. Hope the trial goes well.

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