Andrew Tate arrested over his anchor friend’s loud mouth

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Andrew TaitA social media influencer with a massive following of teenage boys has found herself in legal trouble again, and for the silliest reasons.

Tate and his brother Tristan Tate were detained by British police in Bucharest, Romania, on Monday, according to British police reports. British Broadcasting Corporation Tuesday. The arrest warrants for the Tates reportedly stem from an investigation into new rape and human trafficking allegations. A Romanian judge has ruled that the brothers can be extradited to the UK after their trial in Romania. The Tates were later released again.

The brothers are currently awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking, rape and forming a criminal syndicate, which led to their December 2022. The Tates spent much of 2023 in jail, but they were eventually placed on house arrest and then allowed Freedom of movement within Romania.

According to reports, what led British police to arrest the Taits was a video from Ardin RossAn influencer with a large following of teenage boys, he reportedly live-streamed a message from Tate saying he would be “leaving Romania soon and may never come back” and suggesting Rose should come over and hang out. rolling stones. The implication is that Tate is running away.

McCue Law, the law firm representing British women accusing Tate of rape and abuse, released a statement Press release It was confirmed on Tuesday that they had received information that the Taits may have left the country. The company notified British police to seek an arrest warrant.

Ross played an important role in the Tate’s rapid rise in popularity. He and the brothers have been live streaming together for years, drinking, smoking cigars, talking about women being trash, and reiterating to young viewers how “alpha” they are because that’s what “alpha males” do.

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