OG Power Rangers actor launches T-shirts with Hitler quotes

Actor Austin St. John, best known for playing the original Red Ranger on the ’90s TV series Mighty Transformers power rangersannounced plans to launch a new clothing line featuring quotes from historical figures, including “villains” like, uh…Adolf Hitler.

March 12, St. John announced his plans on Twitter Launching a new collection of T-shirts exploring “historical leaders” with “wearable intelligence” – shirts with printed text. “I’m incorporating lessons learned from the past into a unique line of T-shirts,” St. John said in the post. “From heroes to villains, every sentence tells a story. It’s not just fashion; it’s fashion. It’s a conversation starter.” The tweet featured a picture of Gandhi. If you check out the responses, you’ll see that fans are asking St. John not to quote Hitler, which seems to be the plan for this new line of historical T-shirts based on an earlier podcast.

In the program broadcast on February 26 Cartoons with Jim Cummings podcastDuring a recent episode of the hit show, the former Red Warrior actor talked more about his upcoming “wearable intelligence” clothing line, saying he was creating a “warrior line” about history.

“I would get quotes from all kinds of fighters, including the scary ones,” St. John said. “You know, Hitler was a monster on steroids, but he also had some really good quips. So everybody, from the great to the infamous and the terrible.”

The idea, St. John said, is “to look at our past leaders, both good and bad, and take everything from them.” In the same podcast, St. John said he also quoted Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee quotes. According to the actor, Norris is someone he respects and “One of the last true gentlemen“.

Honestly, the inclusion of some silly quotes from Norris isn’t that big of a deal. But the internet and many fans of St. John’s are asking the actor not to reference Hitler – a man responsible for the deaths of millions of Jewish men, women and children – in his silly line of T-shirts.

his predecessor power rangers Co-star and Pink Ranger star Amy Jo Johnson shared some thoughts on the situation on Twitter, first sentence: “Huh? I think some people should have publicists. Honey.” Then she made it clear who she was talking about Follow-up tweets on March 12said: “Rogue Red Ranger has a whole new meaning. Okay, I’ll stop now.”

As of this writing, St. John has yet to address these issues, and the clothing line is not yet available for purchase or pre-order through his website.


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