Google Pixel Fold 2 screen size revealed

Google’s Pixel Fold 2 will launch later this year. Its launch will likely come at the company’s annual developer conference in May, or at the annual Pixel phone event in October – last month’s rumors tipped the scales slightly toward the latter, but it’s still not a given .

When the Pixel Fold 2 launches, it will obviously have a larger screen than its predecessor. According to DSCC’s Ross Young, an accurate source of supply chain-related information in the past, the inner folding display measures 8.02 inches, while the outer screen measures 6.29 inches diagonally. For reference, the Pixel Fold comes with a 7.6-inch foldable screen and a 5.8-inch cover display.

As you can see, panel production for the Pixel Fold 2 screen will begin in April, which means the device will launch in the summer at the latest.

Previously leaked Pixel Fold 2 images showed a radically different camera island design compared to all other recent Pixels, as well as a new aspect ratio, a change that has long been rumored. The Fold 2’s screen cover is longer and narrower than the original Fold. This may alleviate issues with the original app opening in landscape mode when expanded.

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