If you look closely, Jennifer Lopez’s new Netflix movie looks almost like a Titanfall movie

Jennifer Lopez seems to be continuing her streak of starring in very mediocre-looking movies about to be released Netflix movie atlas.

Earlier today, Netflix released the first trailer for Atlas , which, to be honest, didn’t make it clear what it was actually going to be. However, I would say that if you squint enough and tilt your head in the right position, you might be able to pretend this is a Titanfall movie. If I’m being completely honest, that’s mostly because the movie’s mechs really don’t look that different from the Titans from the first-person shooter series, but close enough, right? Anyway, while the trailer doesn’t tell you much, I can at least tell you.

Cover image for YouTube videosAtlas | Official Trailer | Netflix

It’s set in a future where—obviously, mecha—artificial intelligence-powered robots are used to fight wars. What war? I don’t know, one of them. It specifically follows Lopez’s character, data analyst Atlas Shepard (now Mass Effect?), who is forced to team up with a renegade mech to save the planet. Of course, like most sci-fi movies that feature artificially intelligent robots, she doesn’t trust them—and while on a mission to take down rogue mecha, she ends up in a dangerous situation, and a wrench is thrown in in the works. This forces her to rely on the aforementioned rebellious robot.

Starring alongside her is Shang-Chi and Barbie’s Simu Liu, who looks like he could be a villain, while recent Oscar nominee Sterling K. Brown plays…someone. There he is! I’m sure another trailer will explain what he ends up doing.

Expected to hit theaters in a few months on May 24, Brad Peyton (Rampage) is attached to direct the project, alongside Aaron Eli Collette (Star Tek: Discovery) and Leo Sadari Leo Sardarian (StartUp) wrote the script. The film is Lopez’s latest streaming exclusive, her last being the decidedly surreal and under-the-radar This Is Me… now on Prime Video, which was released earlier this year .

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