Minecraft Marketplace Pass is now available with over 150 creator-made content, also included in Realms Plus – TouchArcade

Earlier today, Mojang announced and released my world ($6.99) Marketplace Pass subscription. This includes more than 150 pieces of content produced by creators available to subscribers. The content covers worlds, skin packs and more, with new content refreshed every month. Subscribers receive a free Character Creator Item Set each month. Subscription price is $3.99 per month. Content will also rotate, and the FAQ page confirms that you’ll need to purchase content that leaves the catalog if you want to keep using it while playing the game. Packages are not deleted from your storage until you delete them.Watch trailer my world Market passes are as follows:

If your subscription ends or is canceled, you can purchase and download any world template saved to cloud storage for 18 months after your subscription ends. Monthly character creator items can be kept after being claimed. Mojang also confirmed that Realms Plus includes my world Market pass.If you subscribe my world Marketplace Pass and want to use Realms Plus, you need to cancel the former and subscribe to Realms Plus.Subscriptions are accessible from all devices my world Bedrock Edition. Of course, this includes mobile devices as well. It is not available in Java version.what do you think my world Marketplace Pass, will you subscribe today or check it out with the free trial?

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