Skullgirls Mobile 2024 roadmap revealed, including new origin story, guest stars, game modes and more planned – TouchArcade

In the latest major update, Mary added hidden variables skull girl mobile phone (Free) on iOS and Android. Today, a new blog post details the 2024 roadmap, as well as what the team accomplished last year. If you haven’t caught up with the game yet, skull girl mobile phone We’ve gotten a ton of new content through regular updates over the years, and it looks like 2024 is going to be a big year for the game.The roadmap also confirms the team’s intention to support both skull girl mobile phone and skullgirls The next few years.this skull girl mobile phone The 2024 update roadmap available here reveals a set of upcoming content, some content in development, and a set currently in concept. In-game art collectibles, a Fighter Tuning Pass, Backstage Pass content and Winning Streaks are all coming soon. In development, Guest Stars are brand new characters that can be assigned to any fighter. The team is using this concept to try to introduce them into the game faster than full characters. The list of guest stars will be announced soon, Minette also announced the news today.

The official blog post linked above details things like a planned main menu redesign, an upcoming battle replay system, and upcoming in-game reference resources.I’m excited to see where both go skull girl mobile phone and skullgirls.Currently you can grab skull girl mobile phone Now free on iOS and Android. Skullgirls second encore Available on PC and all consoles, including Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.including me Skullgirls second encore In my feature on the best fighting games to play on Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch in 2024.What do you think of the roadmap to 2024? skull girl mobile phone Do you play often?

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