When it comes to mid-range products, Google, not Samsung, is better for you

Google Pixel 7a Hero with Box

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

When it comes to mid-range Android phones, both Samsung and Google are considered the leaders (at least in North America). It’s easy to see why, as these phones come with water resistance, high refresh rate OLED screens, rugged cameras, and long-term update commitments.

So will you buy the Samsung Galaxy A55 or wait for the Google Pixel 8a to be launched? We asked this question on our website, X page, and YouTube page, which produced some interesting results. Take a look at the chart below.

YouTube and X respondents both voted to wait for the Pixel 8a. Google’s mid-range products typically come with flagship-grade processors, water resistance, and impressive cameras. Since the Galaxy A55 is skipping the US market, some people may also make this decision.

“Exynos processor, no thank you sir!” YouTube user jedolivier2688 pointed out. This is an interesting comment because Google’s Tensor chip is actually an Exynos processor with a Google AI chip.

“Using the Samsung A series as my old work phone 🤢. Pixels all the way,” wrote X user BigBazNorfFC.

Galaxy A55 wins a poll

However, a poll on our website went in a different direction, with 50.8% of readers surveyed saying they would buy the Galaxy A55. This suggests that Samsung’s decision to skip the A55’s US release may have been a mistake.

“I was looking to buy the Galaxy A55 but I saw on YouTube that it won’t be sold in the US. What we will see is the Galaxy A35,” said YouTube user MartinRomo100.

Still, we can understand why people might consider the A55. This is the first mid-range Samsung phone to feature AMD graphics. Samsung also promises four major OS updates and five years of security patches. Add to that features like the IP67 rating, Good Lock module, and feature-rich One UI software, and it’s a very good proposition.

We also saw a significant number of people in three polls saying they would buy a mid-range phone from another brand. Comments point to devices such as Nothing Phone 2a and the rumored iPhone SE 4.

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