Black Mirror Season 7 is coming — 5 things the internet is telling you about its return

black mirror Netflix has announced on X that it will be returning for a seventh season. “Six new stories, but one of them looks a little familiar. black mirror Return to 2025″ The post said.

Most people are excited about its return.However, there was no shortage of criticism, with many X users expressing disappointment with it black mirror Season six. Still, fans are hoping it will have a moment of redemption.

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1. Make Black Mirror great again

Cross-site e.g. pack, collider and Dexerto, black mirror Seasons five and six have consistently ranked lower, but seasons two and three have been hailed as some of the show’s best episodes.

According to Ranker, Season 3 has a rating of black mirrorit’s the best. According to over 60 Ranker voters, seasons 5 and 6 were rated the worst, with the former being downright terrible.

that kind of mood black mirror The last few seasons have been failures. mirror, No pun intended, the same goes for X.

“Better than last season’s crap,” said @ShadBoogie.

“Still trying? The first few seasons were so far away from the Black Mirror we loved, maybe because reality is closer to Black Mirror than the actual show is now,” @Khan_Mani_ said.

“Hopefully this will actually be like the first season, which is more of a ‘near future technological dystopia’ rather than the latest season,” @mduart3 said.

“Last season was not good, I hope this season will be better” @zheer_official explain.

“It’s been a while and it’s time to hand it over,” @ronaldzelman explain.

“Season 6 is weak. Please bring back the old storytelling style in the new season. A lot of plots in S6 don’t even fit into the show’s narrative.” @IamABjabbar.

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2. Let’s revisit the “Callister”

Netflix hints to fans that one of the six new episodes “looks a bit familiar” in the X announcement black mirror Season seven will pay homage to the previous episode.

Reading through the replies, fans seem to have figured this out black mirror maybe Revisit the first episode of Season 4, “USS Callister.” “USS Callister” is Star Trek A VR-style parody starring socially awkward programmer Robert Daly as a spaceship captain. There are digital clones of Daley’s colleagues on board, allowing him to exert fantasies of power and control he doesn’t have in real life.

An Eagle Eye X user spotted the USS Callister symbol in the image black mirror Netflix has released the trailer for Season 7 on X.

Fans seem excited about the possible return of the twisted, mind-bending spaceship:

“I guess one of the new stories is a sequel to USS Callister? Well, you piqued my interest even more,” @NabeeRuffin explain

USS Callister?It’s an interesting thing to revisit,” said @Kendrick Flynn.

“USS Callister sequel? I’ve waited too long,” said @louneetoon.

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3. Only six episodes?

Although black mirror Fans were relieved to see the show return, but many were disappointed that they only got six episodes.

“2025? After waiting so long, more episodes are needed!!” said @KiraaWells.

“It’s been a long time, only six episodes?!?!?” said @drewrossaneis.

“Okay, but why only 6?” @ValentinaXo Netflix asked.

3. You told us too soon, Netflix

Some black mirror Fans are baffled as to why Netflix decided to tell them about the show’s release a year in advance. “Oh my God, I will be 10,0000 years old by then”, a user nicknamed X Opinion slave explain.

Many others chimed in, agreeing black mirror It seems that an announcement is still too far away.

“Okay, why are you telling us this? March 2024 is legal, okay?” said @Squashbossqueen.

“2025? At least 9 months away. BFFR” said @dragqueenjp.

“It’s cruel to tease us. We have to wait a year.” Movies mobile tv.

“There will be three more price increases before this,” @bradmyersotrl just kidding.

“2025?!? Why does this stuff take years to make???” @Chen Ba11 asked.

and @ambre_ely Their frustration was expressed in three words: “2025 is too far away.”

5. We’re already living in Black Mirror

With controversial technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and spatial computing (like the Apple Vision Pro) making waves this year, some X users worry they’re already living in a black mirror-Life as we call it.

“I don’t think we need this show anymore, we’re living in it now,” said @tixmaurie.

“What’s the point?” @k_biizy asked. “We had the longest episode of Black Mirror.”

“We’ve been living like this for the past 14 years. It’s never gone away,” he said @jogginjogee.

“Black Mirror has happened. Follow #AI on Twitter,” @sanketdongre369 warn.

“I think we’ve arrived,” @Tara Bear explain.

and black mirror Be considered reflective of our society Can If technological progress goes unchecked, I expect the next batch of episodes will touch on topics like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, and more.

Please stay tuned for Mashable’s coverage black mirror Once it drops next year.

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