EA Sports FC 24 gets the ultimate birthday card to celebrate 15 years of OTT Messi’s massive pull reaction

Good news, for those of you who distinctly remember eating at least one football-shaped birthday cake as a kid, EA Sports FC 24 is getting a bunch of new cards to celebrate a full 15 years of existence for the series’ ultimate team mode.

Yes, EA is definitely trying to remedy some of the issues people are having after blessing our weird red and blue non-humans back to show off some of the changes in FC 24’s big spring update. Been playing games in recent months. Or maybe just take pleasure in silencing so many people over the years.

“You’re all officially invited,” the company announced, announcing a new Ultimate Team promotion called “Ultimate Birthday” – because, as you may have gathered, it’s celebrating the game mode’s 15th anniversary Designed. Yes, it was first introduced in FIFA 09, I can’t quite remember if Newcastle were in the Premier League or Championship. As far as our luck goes, it’s probably the latter.

The first batch of new cards have been released as part of this huge birthday bash, and as you can see below, it looks pretty good. There are plenty of older gamers your dad might have heard of, younger gamers your nephew might like, and female gamers that would be great to introduce to your niece. Hey, there’s Messi in there, you like him, right?

Anyway, now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to properly celebrate the legacy of Ultimate Team by highlighting some of the perfectly legitimate and occasionally genuinely funny reactions its packs have generated among our own and other country’s youth over the years . Especially since some of them may have wasted their student loans on virtual versions of real people that will be worthless once the next game comes out.

The main one I want you to remember is this one from FIFA 13 – KSI packing a Totti Iniesta and casually taking off his pants while screaming – because I think all the others are just right A pale imitation of it. Be careful, man. All this noise is absolutely totally reasonable and appropriate for the occasion.

Enjoy that? That’s fine, but you probably don’t want to watch all of his retro FIFA content because some of the jokes might be dated, even though we all love unexpected glitches.

Regardless, the Ultimate Birthday Team 1 is expected to start landing in droves today, while Team 2 should arrive by this time next week.

Also, if you’re returning to EA Sports FC 24’s Ultimate Team for the first time in a while, be sure to check out our regularly updated guide on the cheapest top players for SBC.

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