Rumors suggest the Galaxy Watch 7 could have a third version and be faster

what you need to know

  • A new wave of rumors suggests that Samsung may launch a third Galaxy Watch 7 at the Unpacked show later this year.
  • The second rumor further confirms past speculation that the Galaxy Watch 7 may use the Exynos W940, which is based on the 3nm process.
  • Previous rumors suggested that the Galaxy Watch 7 series is developing an “Ultra” model, which may complement or replace its Pro model.

New rumors suggest that Samsung may release a third version of the Galaxy Watch 7 later in 2024.

According to X leaker Crow roeThe Korean OEM is said to be planning to launch the Galaxy Watch 7 Classic, Watch 7 Pro, and an unnamed third product (via 9to5Google ). The source said in a machine-translated post that the additional variant would be a “new variant,” but did not elaborate further.

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