Fallout TV show director says trying to please game fans is a ‘dumb errand’, and sorry, he’s right

Okay, make sure you’re seated. A key figure behind the Fallout TV show, which is set to air on Amazon Prime Video next month, says it would be a “foolish errand” to try and please fans of the game with it.

Have you calmed down? Okay, now let me tell you why I think that although the expression is a bit nonsense, what he said actually makes a lot of sense. To be completely clear, though, I’m not going to chew on some company’s shoes or even tell you that everything they say about it is basically Fallout 5 – like if you threw some blue in there Take a bottle of sludge, put a light bulb in it, and call it Quantum Nuka-Cola—that’s not stupid.

First, here’s what director Jonathan Nolan said about “T3.” Just trying to appease game fans with the show – it’s what he calls a “silly errand”.To be fair, he later clarified: “I think as a fan of the game you have to work hard to make the show you want to make and believe in that [ourselves], we find the parts that are important to us and try to make the best version possible. “

So, they’re Fallout fans and just want to do something good that they themselves (as Fallout fans) might enjoy. Now, the reason I think this might be the right approach is that one thing to note is that fans of something—the real die-hards—rarely know what we want from the stuff we like, or more It’s important, with mainstream mainstream stuff like this, what might get other people interested in what we like.

For example, personally, my favorite Fallout game is Fallout New Vegas, mostly because I’m a pretentious white guy. Some of my favorite parts of the game are the Dead Money and Lonesome Road DLCs, which make the game more than just a Fallout game and into a survival horror game and a horror game respectively. A nuclear dating simulator.

If you asked me before playing Fallout if these things were what I wanted, I would have said no, because I’m just one of many Fallout fans, but deep down, I don’t really understand these things . What do they want from Fallout. So it’s probably not a good idea for a Fallout TV show to try to cater to the endless ideas of a bunch of pretty confused people.

That said, as mentioned, the show’s creators have declared themselves fans of the series, so they may not be sure what they really want from Fallout either.

If you’re confused by this show and Nolan’s comments right now, welcome to the club.

But never mind, maybe checking out this recent video of Walton Goggins talking about not having a nose and showing off a new clip from the show on one of those mind-numbing American late night shows might help us stop thinking so much .

Alternatively, you can check out the show’s latest trailer again. Ahhhh, this is better, isn’t it?

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