Google Drive could make finding files easier with new organizational features

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long story short

  • Google is working on adding a new file organization feature called Categories.
  • Categories will reportedly have wider availability than the existing Tags feature.
  • The feature will have 12 predefined categories that can be applied to files.

Google Drive offers options like creating folders to keep all your files organized. However, sometimes it’s still difficult to find exactly the file you’re looking for. New code in the Google Drive app suggests that Google is working on a way to make file discovery easier.

Code in the Google Drive app reveals that Google will soon further expand file organization by adding a “categories” feature.discoverer Android system, the feature will come with 12 predefined categories that users can apply to their files. These groups include:

  • car
  • banking
  • spend
  • Home
  • ID
  • Insurance
  • medical
  • pet
  • School
  • tax
  • travel
  • Work

Users already have the option to create folders to place files into. However, unlike folders, multiple categories can be assigned to a single file. For example, a car insurance bill could be tagged with the categories “Auto,” “Expense,” and “Insurance.” Such a feature would help improve the discoverability of files.

To access this feature, users must click on the three dots next to the file. Doing this will bring up a menu with a “Manage Categories” option. The feature may come to Android, iOS, and desktop, but it’s unclear exactly when.

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