Haunted house experiences alone in the dark left us traumatized

Check out the video above where the doll is smashed with a hammer and one of us is actually injured!

Not long ago, THQ Nordic made the questionable decision to invite myself, Jim, and Connor to experience a real-life haunted house inspired by the upcoming movie alone in the dark Restart. This haunted house – a particularly luxurious but shabby mansion on the banks of the Thames – was definitely an experience we won’t soon forget, mostly because we ended up accidentally breaking something we shouldn’t have been allowed near.

Playing as urban explorers, we’re sent to the abandoned mansion to retrieve a valuable family heirloom, but we end up discovering much more than we bargained for. From half-eaten sweetcorn cans and “chambers of shame” to monsters resembling bed bugs and talking dolls. That night we learned a lot about what “Ghostbusters” means and whether we think Genshin Impact or World of Warcraft players have better personal hygiene habits.

CCTV footage of the VG247 team exploring the haunted house at night, with subtitles

Excellent? anyone there? | Image Source: VG247, THQ Nordic

Want to know what the hell I’m raving about? Take a look at our traumatic experience at the Alone in the Dark haunted house above, the main one being Connor’s knee. You’ll understand why.

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