Helldivers 2 now has its own “let me solo her” guy

Third-person cooperative shooter Hellraiser 2 It has captured the hearts of players around the world and the community that has formed around it is fascinating.The players have completely surrendered The game’s sense of humor And play as soldiers of Super Earth, where they exterminate bugs, ignite killer robots, and spread managed democracy.They’re caught in a galactic war against a lone developer from Arrowhead Game Studios named Joelhe tells a dramatic war narrative, full of climaxes exciting success and lows disastrous defeat.

Even now, players Recapture the planet cluster Coming from bug-like Terminators, the hope is to use weapons of mass destruction and wipe them out for good.A more anxious section of players worry that defeating the bugs may actually be a sign of worse things to come, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, the damn bugs have begun grow wings earlier this week. Now, one player has stepped up to help defeated Helldivers across the galaxy.

As first reported IGNtheir name and title is Skeleton Admiral.atasu, in their own words, “I am that level 50 guy.” According to their postal On the Helldivers 2 subreddit, they “love answering distress calls” because after 200 hours of playing the game, they only collect “SuperCreds and democratic freedoms ofc”. Guys, you can’t make this up.

.atasu responds to the SOS beacon in the game, which is a plan Available for players who need help. When used, it returns the player a map of the galaxy on the transport ship and allows them to join. .atasu appears to respond to these issues with some frequency and prioritize completing the beleaguered squad’s primary objective.

“I’ll do my best to save you from imminent danger and lead you to victory. If I see 3 guys constantly dying in a useless wormhole – I’ll head to obj and clean up all those of interest I encounter place and save all the samples I see. After that I’ll go to the outstation area and call pelican-1. I’ll tell you, ‘Don’t worry, the shuttle can wait until the game is over and you can get everything done with you, don’t worry .’ That’s a fact — the shuttle will be waiting after landing.”

I mean, what a damn prince, right? .atasu is Hellraiser 2Very own “let me solo her“. If you forgot the reference, “Let Me Solo Her” was a contestant Elden Ring who rises to legendary status Assist players in their community with optional late-game boss fights small, this is arguably the toughest fight in the game and one of the toughest encounters FromSoftware has ever created. Much like the SOS strategy, where in most FromSoftware games players can summon others to aid them, Let Me Solo Her specifically places the summon tag on her boss fight gate and insists that they fight her alone . After being summoned, they will often make a look to the summoner, suggesting they leave the immediate area and then fight her.Within a few months they had defeated Malegna More than 1000 timesand FromSoft even sent them a real sword to commemorate their status.

Similar to “Let Me Solo Her,” .atasu appears to be an experienced player who uses his strengths to help others in the community.That’s pretty sweet, especially considering how other players performed unacceptable and become the most important thing Hellraiser 2 It’s a mockery. .atasu seems to have encountered this toxicity himself, noting that “getting kicked out immediately after joining is a very frustrating and harmful experience. You ask for help, I try to do it…”

You guys, stop being mean to .atasu and each other. We want to spread democracy, and we can do it together.

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