Palworld is getting its first raid, and as we expected, it’s about a magical evil goth girl who can fly

you. Yes, that’s you. You know, Palworld, until people can’t stop talking about Helldiver 2, everyone can’t stop talking about it? Well, it’s now about to receive its first raid combat update, and of course, you’ll be tasked with defeating (check notes) an evil lady who might be shopping in Hot Topic.

Yes, Pocketpair set the bar high early on, forcing you to face the fears of those who might be into tarot cards and crystal collecting. I know the Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is very good and does a lot of work to make those who inspire this stereotype feel less scary, but you and your friends may still be in for a rough patch.

as detailed Nice tweet from the official Palworld account, Bellanueva is the name of the new partner who will be the center of the raid. She decides to lay siege to the Palpagos Islands – which is a bit rude, to be honest – and apparently “only the most skilled Palpagos trainers stand a chance against her”. Well, that’s you. A solid setup for raiding.

Now, I have to tell some people. It’s a bunch of idiots in the trailer for The Raid, which you can watch below. It looks very much like these donuts are at fault, and we even had to deal with Bellanova as they seemed to summon her by placing a crystal (I told you didn’t I) on a strange pedestal.

Look, what I’m saying is, if your actions end up causing a giant blazing meteor shower and a flying lady doing a little spin that leaves your Rambo in need of a change of underwear, you should probably think again. Seriously though, as far as Bellanor’s challenges go, she looks like she has some fire magic at her disposal, so it’s best to keep your friend factory away and assemble as many fire extinguishers as possible.

How long does it take you to make them? Well, all we know so far is that the raid is “coming soon,” so who knows.

If this is your first time back in Palworld, be sure to check out our series of guides covering everything from getting tons of eggs to finding legendary friends as a good refresher.

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