Soundcore launches Sleep A20 earbuds on World Sleep Day

Main points

  • Soundcore Sleep A20 effectively blocks noise and improves sleep.
  • The new earbuds feature 3x the noise suppression, an improved design for side sleepers, and longer battery life.
  • Available on Kickstarter from April 16th and on Amazon from the end of May.

March 15th is World Sleep Day, and to celebrate, Soundcore, the audio brand owned by Anker Innovations, has launched the Soundcore Sleep A20 earbuds. These are Soundcore’s second-generation earbuds, following 2022’s Sleep A10 earbuds, and are designed to help you get better sleep by blocking out noise that disrupts your rest.

The earbuds are designed to block sound from entering the ears, rather than utilizing active noise cancellation, since ANC isn’t very effective for intermittent sounds like a barking dog or irregular snoring. The Soundcore app contains an endless loop of sound libraries to help you mask any disturbing noises.


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Block out snoring and noise pollution so you can get a better night’s sleep with compact, comfortable earbuds and headphones.

If you prefer, you can also stream your own music or favorite white noise app via Bluetooth. Additionally, the Sleep A20 promises to detect when you fall asleep and then switch to preloaded noise masking.

soundcore Sleep A20 Side Sleeper

sound core

What are the new features of the Soundcore Sleep A20 sleep earbuds?

The new Sleep A20 earbuds feature a dual-seal design that provides three times the noise suppression of the earbuds compared to the previous model, the Sleep A10. This design ensures that the Sleep A20 earbuds block out more noise when you’re trying to sleep, such as traffic or your partner’s snoring.

There’s also good news for side sleepers: the Sleep A20 earbuds feature an updated curved design that’s designed to reduce the pressure of wearing the earbuds and ensure they don’t stick out of your ears. Combined with the soft silicone material that covers the surface of the earbuds, wearers will find the Sleep A20 earbuds comfortable even when sleeping on one side.

One problem with sound-isolating earplugs is that they prevent you from hearing your alarm. The Sleep A20 earbuds improve upon previous models by offering a repeatable alarm that plays through the earbuds, waking you up without waking your partner. You can choose from a library of customizable sounds to use as an alarm clock.

Other new features of the Sleep A20 headphones include automatic sleep monitoring with location tracking, and an audible alert to help you find your headphones if they are dropped during the night.

soundcore Sleep A20 lying flat on the bed

sound core

Sleep A20 headphone battery life

Another key improvement to the Sleep A20 headphones is battery life. The Sleep A10 earphones have a battery life of up to 6 hours in music mode, up to 10 hours in sleep mode, and about 8 hours when using both modes together. For some, this may not be enough to get through a full night.

The Sleep A20 earbuds extend battery life to 10 hours in music mode and 14 hours in sleep mode, so even if you’re in music mode all the time, you’ll still have enough juice to get through the night.

soundcore Sleep A20 worn in bed

sound core

Price and availability

The Soundcore Sleep A20 headphones will first be available for pre-order via Kickstarter April 16 In the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Germany. If you’re one of the first backers, you can save up to 40%.

The product will be fully available on Amazon Finish, priced at $149.99. You can find information about early bird offers and other incentives by visiting

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