WhatsApp tests adding more authentication options beyond biometrics

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  • The latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android introduces an improved app lock feature.
  • The feature will now accept alternative unique identifiers such as passwords.
  • This change will allow devices without biometric sensors to use the App Lock feature.

In this day and age, it is important to protect your personal data as much as possible. WhatsApp has an app lock feature to help protect your chat history, but it requires biometric authentication. However, the latest beta version brings more authentication methods to choose from.

According to vigilant people Beta Information Western Australia, the latest beta version of WhatsApp is available on Google Play Store. Android version appears to be rolling out improved app lock functionality for some beta users.

When users navigate to the setting, the description now reads: “When enabled, you will need to use your fingerprint, face, or other unique identifier to open WhatsApp.” In the past, this option was only available for biometric authentication. However, this beta now allows some users to use other unique identifiers, such as the device’s password.

WhatsApp app lock

While this may not be a big deal for the average user, this change is a big deal for those who own devices that lack biometric sensors. These people can now use the App Lock feature without hindrance. It’s also good to have this extra flexibility if you prefer to use other authentication methods, or if your device is experiencing authentication sensor issues.

Earlier this week, WhatsApp also released a beta version that increased the limit on the number of fixed chats at one time from three to five.

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