With Fenrir 3 safe, Helldiver 2 players lock in on Turing, but they still have bad feelings about this big bug spray operation

Since Hellraiser 2’s main goal is to fight the Terminator threat, the powers that be on Super Earth have been busy killing all manner of bugs. Fenrir III is the latest planet they are fighting for control of, but as the focus turns to Turing, many still wonder if this momentous order will ultimately lead to more trouble.

To be fair, now that they don’t have to worry about heavy enemies like the Chargers, and definitely don’t have to contend with some new flying insect enemies (which they are), people have enough brain capacity to worry specifically about the future – like all of us Same. That said, there may be reason to be a little concerned.

First the good news. As of late yesterday, Fenrir III, one of the four planets that has been battling for control since the game began. Arrowhead issues the primary command to activate the Terminid control system On March 12, its pest-killing device appeared to be fully activated. Sadly, there was no rest for the wicked and those on the front lines only got a brief moment of celebration.

Now, the focus of the offensive has shifted to the planet Turing, where a large number of soldiers landed last night to keep the community’s momentum going. According to Helldivers.io, as of this writing, the nasty place’s liberation rate is just over 43%, with approximately 80,000 players working hard to ensure that the liberation rate continues to rise, hopefully over time if the current pace is maintained. Reduced to less than 20 hours.

To accommodate this push, both Draupnir and Meridia, the big targets from earlier in the week, are seeing percentage drops as smaller Helldiver forces struggle to keep the stalemate with them and avoid losing ground.

While all this is going on, some people are definitely still a little concerned that filling major orders by releasing a bunch of pesticides might not end well, and there are even a few memes that have emerged in response to the idea of ​​failing on purpose to avoid more new The potential arrival of Terminator variants may cause harm to the soldiers themselves.

Look, as some posts have tried to explain, I’m sure the biohazard signs found near the machines where these things are deployed are nothing to worry about. perhaps. Even if they were, as some say, you might not be able to stop the galaxy from becoming more dangerous, especially if you look at how terrifying some of the clips of players fighting on planets like Hellmire are.

So, relax and get on with the hell diving.

Oh, and if you want to know how Arrowhead comes up with ideas for new strategies, check out this article .

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