11 Best Organic Mattresses, Mattresses, and Bedding (2024): Non-Toxic, Natural

you will The average person spends about 23 years of his life sleeping, so it makes sense to think about what you’re laying on. These natural beds, sheets and linens are kinder to the environment and your health and feel like a dream.

Traditional mattresses often contain questionable materials. Everything from formaldehyde to TCEP (a flame retardant) to phthalates can end up in inorganic mattresses. There is no scientific basis for how much these substances may affect you, but one way to avoid possible harm is to use a mattress made from natural, organic materials. Most natural mattresses are made from a blend of wool, natural latex, and cotton. The mattress has a similar construction to a traditional mattress but is chemical-free.

Members of the WIRED Gear team have been testing mattresses for years, and we’ve slept on every mattress on this list. We’re testing more all the time, but these are our current favorites. Generally speaking, we recommend hybrid mattresses with individually wrapped spring cores because they feel more supportive and have better airflow, so you won’t feel as hot while sleeping. You may also find our guide to the best mattresses helpful. Unless otherwise stated, all prices below are for the large model.

Update March 2024: We’ve added Antipodean’s organic wool duvets and sheets. We’ve also updated pricing and links throughout.

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The best organic mattress

The Avocado Green Hybrid Mattress is the only mattress my wife and I agree on. She prefers a soft mattress and I prefer a firm mattress. This model somehow manages to be both without being too much of either. After almost two years of sleeping on it, there have been zero sagging or other issues.

All Avocado mattresses come with a one-year trial, 25-year warranty and free shipping. Like other mattresses in a box, the Avocado arrives compressed. Opt for a pillow top if you prefer a soft feel, or you can add a mattress topper, like the company’s luxurious (and sustainable) alpaca mattress topper (see below).

Avocado Green is 11 inches thick and made from organic latex, organic wool and organic cotton. It’s also poisonous. It contains no polyurethane, flame retardants, memory foam or chemical adhesives, according to the company. A class-action lawsuit filed against Avocado earlier this year, alleging that the company’s mattresses actually contained toxic chemicals, was dismissed and, according to court documents, “the individual claims in the case have been ‘fully resolved.'” In this case, I think “perfect” is the enemy of “better,” and all of the mattresses on this page use fewer chemicals than traditional mattresses. This is a good thing for you and the planet because it reduces the ecological impact of manufacturing.

Another great organic mattress

The Birch’s standard model is our choice for side sleepers who want an organic mattress (see below). Birch’s new high-end Luxe model is also an excellent mattress for side sleepers, though its medium-firm feel and structured support should make it a solid choice for most sleeping styles. Luxe is a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic material made from natural latex and contains no polyurethane foam.

This product from Birch uses layers of wool plus a layer of individually wrapped coils to provide support and cushioning. The Luxe adds a soft European top and an extra layer of cashmere blend, which gives it truly exceptional temperature regulating capabilities. The coils provide complete lumbar support and are arranged to support your spine while maintaining a satisfyingly firm edge on all four sides. During the month that Wired reviewer Martin Cizmar tested the mattress, his sleep ring kept spinning shut.

Presumably, most mattress buyers are choosing between soft and firm, or trying to find a middle ground that is acceptable to partners with different preferences. But what if your tastes change as the seasons change or as your muscles sore after a long, active day? Zenhaven lets you choose a side.

Saatva’s Zenhaven is made from organic latex and protected by an organic wool lining and organic cotton cover. The sides are labeled “plush” and “firm,” which isn’t too far removed from dedicated soft and firm mattresses, with the company claiming an 18% difference between the two, but it does offer a nice The change. Otherwise, the Zenhaven is pricey, but well-made (and heavy—this isn’t a mattress in a box). It has excellent edge support, doesn’t get hot or cold while you sleep, and will last you for years.

Best Solid Latex Mattress

Solid natural latex mattresses last for decades and offer the perfect balance of support and softness. However, because all-foam latex mattresses are solid pieces of vulcanized sap, they are bulky and often expensive. Additionally, because they are heavy, they are often made and sold by local mattress companies, whose reputations vary widely.

Turmerry aims to solve this problem by offering an organic latex mattress that features three or four layers of natural foam compressed into an organic cotton cover. Each layer is shipped wrapped in a solid piece of latex that feels like a cannonball. (The layers are just enough weight to ship via major carriers and allow you to lug them up the stairs.) Turmerry uses the Dunlop process to make its latex, which means it’s denser and more supportive than latex mattresses made using the Talalay process. sex. Turmerry systems have slightly different foam hardnesses.

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