Arnold Schwarzenegger lost his magic bag

You read the title right, Arnold Schwarzenegger lost his magic sack in a movie where he was playing Santa Claus, but someone stole it.

According to Deadline , Schwarzenegger’s first movie in five years will be a holiday movie in which he will play the one and only Santa Claus. The “Terminator” actor has appeared in a few TV shows over the past few years, but his last movie appearance was in 2019’s “Terminator: Dark Fate.” Now, he’ll be donning the classic red and white suit in “The Bag Man” alongside “Reacher” star Alan Ritchson. The official plot synopsis explains: “When Santa’s magic bag is stolen, he digs through the Naughty List and finds former thief Vance to help him retrieve the magic bag. Vance, his daughter Santa and a group of misfits Together with the elf, he will have to pull off the greatest heist of his life to save Christmas.”

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Readers, this is the first time in years that I actually feel like Christmas movies are back. I was totally into this stupid as hell concept and I desperately wanted Schwarzenegger to get his magic bag back. Hairspray, Rock of Ages and Disillusionment director Adam Shankman is currently set to direct the project, with Alan Rice (Stuck in the Middle) penning the script.

Deadline says there’s no word yet on who will play whom, but I suspect the much younger, more muscular Ritchson will play what’s usually considered a pot-bellied old man who loves cookies and milk. You can probably safely bet on him playing Vance, a former thief who must save Christmas.

It’s a fitting return for Schwarzenegger, who apparently starred in 1996’s Bon Voyage, a Christmas movie…well? And have a weird hatred for postal workers for no reason? Regardless, The Man with the Bag is apparently scheduled to film later this year, although a release date doesn’t appear to have been confirmed yet, so this could be a 2025 release.

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