Dragon’s Dogma 2 trailer is the latest example of a strange trend

Giant metal head under the bridge

image: Capcom

Publishers are always trying to find the best way to sell the latest games to players. Typically, this is done in the form of a flashy trailer, showcasing the game’s mechanics and story. But recently a new approach has emerged, hiring respected British actors to explain the game to fans.this is a strange micro trendsthe latest game is Capcomcoming soon Dragon’s Dogma 2released on March 22nd, can be explained to you by Ian McShane in the recent trailer.

McShane’s name may sound familiar to you.The prolific actor has starred in films such as deadwood and american godsand played a supporting role in John Wick Movie.But thanks to Capcom and PlayStation, his latest is a trailer Dragon’s Dogma 2. It’s a great way to get into a medieval fantasy role-playing game filled with complex stories. For nearly eight minutes, McShane details the basics of the game’s story, world, and combat mechanics in a helpful crash course for potential buyers.


McShane talks briskly about the game’s basic premise: the protagonist faces a giant dragon that has plagued the land for countless years.Then he spent most of the trailer highlighting the real stars Dragon’s Dogma 2, world and gameplay. Accompanied by McShane’s voice, we’re shown the gorgeous landscapes players will need to traverse and are introduced to mechanics like the different classes and the pawn system that players will use to defend themselves against dangerous enemies.

But while being bombarded with all this information would normally make one yawn, hearing it in McShane’s deep, melodic voice is known to be used so brilliantly in poetic dialogue. deadwood, somehow making everything go smoother. It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time this year’s game has taken this approach. Back in January, Tekken 8 Enlisted in the army with the same idea succession Star Brian Cox Starring in the “Story So Far” video summarizing the complex rivalry in the fighting game series. do you know? The video is also mind-blowing! It makes years’ worth of stories accessible to newcomers and provides the best refresher opportunity for returning fans.McShane’s Dragon’s Dogma 2 The same goes for the trailer, which made me want to learn more about Capcom’s RPG more than before.

The lesson to be learned here is that every video game trailer should follow this trend.let anthony hopkins tell me Metaphor: ReFantazio!

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