Fleischer Cartoon enters modern era with restoration of Superman shorts

Superman defeated many people animation form decades, but it all started 1940s shorts From Fleischer Studio. While they’ve been reissued (and remastered) numerous times, some of those efforts didn’t quite live up to expectations, which is why Fleischer himself is experimenting with his own process.

Fleischer showed a restored version of the animated short at New York’s Museum of Modern Art earlier this week, mechanical monster.This process starts with 2022, it’s not easy.One production member went on record saying it was “frustrating” toward the end of the process, and Before Indicates that individual frames must be cleaned manually. In the side-by-side comparison below between the original animation and its 35mm restoration, you’ll notice that the only thing that’s really changed is the lighting – as noted, the original animation was “too dark” meat safety In the Twitter replies, everything became even brighter.

Mechanical Monster (1941) 35mm Restoration Comparison

mechanical monster Released in November 1941, just two months after Fleischer’s first album Superman short. This was Fleischer’s only short to show Superman using X-ray vision, and it was also the first time Clark Kent entered a phone booth to alter his hero’s persona, which would become a fairly common trend for the character today.Fleischer’s comics influenced other subsequent superhero comics, but mechanical monster Specifically will affect or in such as Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (and its tie-in short film), Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky, and Lupine III.

When asked on Twitter about restoring other content Superman shorts, Fleisher Say very willing. It has at least one more in the works, and the rest may be harder to come by: So far it has been contacting archivists, as finding private collectors has been tricky when many don’t have the social presence or easy means to do so. s contact. The studio has similarly shied away from releasing this content in any official way: although it would be a bit of a nod to the larger “hottest hits“Fleischer Comics & Superman Including fixes, nothing is certain. Still, it’s cool to see these restored by the studio that was originally involved.

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