Robert Irwin posts the “Of Course” trend on Instagram.internet is love

Robert Irwin, the son of late Australian zookeeper Steve Irwin, has captured hearts with his latest video taking part in the viral “of course” trend. On Instagram, Robert shared a video showing “of course” moments in his life, giving a glimpse into his unique experiences and passions.

In the video, Robert demonstrates various aspects of his life, including his expertise in handling giant crocodiles and his affectionate interactions with rhinos. He also proudly showed off his signature khaki wardrobe, paying homage to his father’s signature style, and humorously depicted riding his motorcycle “to work.” The video depicts Robert’s life in a playful and endearing way, highlighting his love of wildlife and adventure.

Take a look:

With over 8 million views and an overwhelming response, Robert’s video quickly went viral, resonating with viewers who admired his dedication to wildlife conservation and education. Many have expressed confidence that Steve Irwin, known as “The Crocodile Hunter”, would be proud of his son’s achievements and commitment to protecting Australia’s wildlife.

In the “Of Course” trend, participants sarcastically express stereotypes related to themselves, their hobbies, or careers, which provided the perfect context for Robert to share his unique experiences and challenges as a wildlife advocate and conservationist platform. By joining the trend, Robert is not only getting the internet buzzing, but he’s also shining a light on the importance of wildlife conservation and the legacy of his father, Steve Irwin.

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Srimoya Chowdhury

Published on:

March 17, 2024

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