Star Citizen finally launches version 1.0, but you may have to wait a little longer

After more than ten years of development, it sounds like star citizen Finally close to version 1.0.

Star Citizen has been playable for a long time, but it never technically became a complete game. Squadron 42, the single-player portion of the game being made into its own game, was considered feature-complete last year, but its main persistent universe MMO, Star Citizen itself, still needs some work. Now, in a recent letter from Cloud Imperium Games CEO and founder Chris Roberts, these features from Squadron 42 are being “accelerated” to be transferred to Star Citizen. But more importantly, the developers are finally making a big push for the release of version 1.0, something fans of the game have been waiting for a long time.

“After years of hard work achieving what many thought was impossible, we are about to launch the final piece of technology that will enable a connected, shared universe that thousands of people can experience together at the same time,” Roberts wrote. “Star Citizen 1.0 has features and content that we consider to represent a ‘commercial’ release. This means that the game is welcoming to new players, is stable and complete, and has enough gameplay and content to continue to attract players. In other words, it doesn’t Then there’s the Alpha version or the Early Access version.”

It’s worth noting that Rich Tyrer has returned to the game as Senior Game Director, saying: “With this new role, I will be joining to help drive Star Citizen into the next phase of development, ultimately exiting Early Access and releasing 1.0 of the game. version.” Roberts further explained, “Over the past few months, our team has been busy planning the upcoming major milestones of the persistent universe, culminating in what we call ‘Star Citizen 1.0.'”

As you can probably see, 1.0 still doesn’t have an exact release date, but it seems like the end of the beginning is coming – while you wait, you can always buy a DLC pack for £46,000 which will give you a lot of stuff to ship with .

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