Video of Thai taxi driver insulting Indians goes viral, sparking outrage among netizens

A video circulating on the internet recently sparked widespread outrage as it depicted a Thai taxi driver getting into a heated argument with Indian tourists and using derogatory language towards them. The incident, captured by a Kannada-speaking YouTuber, shows the taxi driver allegedly insulting Indians, calling them “Kanjoos” (misers) and using profanity.

Video of Thai taxi driver insulting Indians goes viral, sparking outrage among netizens

In the video uploaded by the YouTuber, the confrontation unfolds when the tourist confronts the taxi driver about his behavior. The driver gave the YouTuber the middle finger after a confrontation with him.

In response, tourists determined to resolve the issue demanded an apology from the taxi driver and even suggested he put up a “Indians not allowed into Thailand” sign, but he refused.

After a long argument, the taxi driver eventually apologized and left the scene. However, video of the incident quickly went viral, sparking widespread condemnation of the taxi driver’s behavior on social media.

Social media users expressed their outrage and called for action over the incident. Some even urged authorities to take action against taxi drivers.

The YouTuber addressed the incident in his video, expressing his disappointment but stressing the importance of defending the country. He stressed the need for the taxi driver to admit his mistake and apologize, which eventually happened.

In his vlog, the YouTuber said, “Hi everyone welcome back to my vlog, today I am going on an international trip and my friend Sujit and his friends are joining me. As soon as we reach the destination country, Booked a taxi to go to our hotel but on the way our taxi driver misbehaved with us, he abused us Indians and Indians. We argued with him for my country.”

He continued: “Guys, this happens sometimes but still we never give up and ask him to say sorry for my India.”

Viewers in the comments section appreciated the YouTuber’s stance, with one saying: “Everyone from India should have this stance towards our India. Be good to us and we will be good to you. Otherwise let’s They know we don’t call our country mother for nothing.”

“Thank you so much bro…I’m a huge fan of yours. We’re so proud of you bro,” another viewer said.

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