Development of Nio Phone 2 is complete, but it’s still some way away from launch

Automaker Nio launched its first smartphone at the end of 2023, called Nio Phone for short. Founder and CEO William Li revealed that the company has completed development of the sequel, but that doesn’t mean it will release the phone now.

The Nio Phone 2 is entering the manufacturing phase and will launch later this year, but Lee didn’t set a specific date. But he did confirm that the company will focus on launching just one new phone per year, rather than spreading its attention across several new phones (which is how many new smartphone brands get started).

Why do electric car manufacturers make phones? “The key is that Huawei and Xiaomi are making cars. This is NIO’s defense strategy first.” Li said. Of course, all modern smartphones can connect to NIO cars, but the best integration is provided by NIO phones.

Li Bin, founder and CEO of NIO
Li Bin, founder and CEO of NIO

The company is offering the phone as a perk when selling new cars — Chinese publication Blue Whale reports that buyers of a 2024 NIO car will receive a NIO phone as a freebie (apparently, the promotion is valid until end of March).

When you compare the prices of a new electric car and a new phone, that might not sound like much. But here’s a big perk – a Nio phone can double as your car key, allowing you to lock and unlock your vehicle, start it remotely and activate the climate control system so once you’re in the car, the interior is beautiful And pleasant, no matter how hot or cold it is outside.


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