Stardew Valley 1.6 update adds new farm with “Chewy Bluegrass”

This is the eve Stardew ValleyThe 1.6 update has been released, and developer ConcernedApe has given us one last preview via the patch notes. If you missed last week’s chaos, Stardew Valley‘s developers have released a spoiler-free teaser of what’s in the upcoming update, and the community is very interested.Variations range from hazy arrive The subject of countless fan theoriesand spans the entire range insect and fault to belated correction and fix game mechanics.Over the weekend, they even joked that players can now Chuchu mayonnaise Just for the hell of it. Apparently all hell breaks loose in Pelican Town.

The final trailer for ConcernedApe has now been released ahead of schedule The patch will drop tomorrowwhich may be the most substantial addition announced yet.

stardewIn addition to numerous new additions and fixes, update 1.6 will also introduce a new farm type to the game: meadowlands farms. According to ConcernedApe, the new farmland will be composed of “chewy bluegrass that animals love,” making it immediately ripe for grazing. stardew As of the 1.5 update, there are seven additional farm types, each suited to a specific playstyle, whether that’s fighting, harvesting, fishing, or just enjoying the multiplayer lobby with friends.

The patch notes seem to indicate that the latest farm type will be particularly beneficial for players who prioritize farming. Stardew Valley. The benefits of farm types go beyond layout, and the new Meadowlands farm is no exception. Players who choose to build a new grass farm will start the game with a chicken coop and two chickens, saving the time and money that would normally be spent purchasing the three chickens. It’s probably safe to say that the new farm type will be more beginner-friendly, as it will eliminate some of the more tedious tasks from the early game.

The final patch notes follow in the footsteps of the people behind them, painting a picture of the update aimed at transitioning stardew Entering a new stage of his life. When this game first launched in 2016TK, it received more support than I think anyone could reasonably imagine. A huge life full of new content and changes, 1.6 seems like a neat way to tie a bow on things.Most of the changes that have been announced are fine-grained, but the stubborn ones stardew Enthusiasts have been clamoring.Just look at everyone’s replies and you’ll know Worry Apeannouncement, you’ll see hundreds of people lose it because of changes that are barely noticeable from the outside as impactful. I can imagine them being the kind of crowd-pleasing solution that makes the community better for the last time and happy for the foreseeable future.

A few years later Last important content arrive stardew— sandwiched between it and ConcernedApe’s next game, The haunted chocolatier–Update 1.6 was supposed to be a more straightforward update for modders before being turned into a small expansion.Since the initial announcement, ConcernedApe has spent more time talking about Fresh content made for 1.6like a whole new festival and the accompanying dialogue, rather than discussing it original intention. Even last week’s tease had nothing to do with mods. Instead, they feel like an interesting vindication between the developer and the massive community his games have amassed over the years, as well as assurances that he’s delivering on some long-standing promises before moving on to the next great thing. although.

To be clear, I don’t believe stardew Coming soon, console and mobile versions still need to port the 1.6 update in the near future, but this update feels like the last major update fans will get for a while as ConcernedApe refocuses on getting The haunted chocolatier Out the door. If these hilarious patches are anything to go by, it’s sure to be a hit.

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