Supercharge your RAM with the Patriot Viper Elite 5 RGB DDR5-6000 96GB Kit

I love big DIMMs, and I can’t lie!

The need for RAM increases with every software update, and Patriot’s new Viper Elite 5 RGB kit provides a solution. The 96GB DDR5-6000 kit is dual channel with 48GB of memory per DIMM. They may look pretty plain, but if white heatsinks aren’t for you, don’t worry, if you enable the RGB feature, the tops of the DIMMs will glow in every color of the rainbow. The kit’s XMP setup will allow you to run on DDR5-6000 with 42-42-42-80 2T timings at 1.35V effortlessly, and your system will have plenty of RAM to work with.

TweakTown spent considerable time trying to get the most out of the Viper Elite 5 RGB kit, and their efforts have been very fruitful. They increased VDD, VDDq and Tx to 1.45V and set the MC’s system agents to 1.12V and 1.35V, which allowed them to tighten the timing to 28-36-36 while remaining completely stable on DDR5-6000. This may hurt the life of the DIMM somewhat, but will give you a nice performance boost. The kit will also run on stable DDR5-7000, with slightly more relaxed timings if you’re willing to go to 1.5V.

View benchmark results here.

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