‘Ultimate X-Men’ Is Just What Marvel’s Mutants Need Right Now

As is often the case, these are difficult times X-Men fan. The Clark Era, the latest ambitious entry in Marvel’s Children of the Atom, is coming to an end this year, but in a less than satisfying way. Taking up the dying torch of this mainline series is more about business as usual with beloved characters.My comics checkout cart seems to be X-Men-less. However, there is another option for mutant fans.Newly released Ultimate X-Men #1 This is exactly what Marvel mutants fans need right now. Here’s why.

Ultimate X-Men is a blank slate without the burden of setting or the need to adhere to annual events.happened at new ultimate universestarted by a superstar writer Jonathan Hickman (The Mastermind of the Krakow Era), Ultimate X-Men Handing the power over to writer and artist Peach Momoko.Readers are introduced to a recent middle school graduate, Hisako Ichiki, who some readers may know as armor. But she is not yet Amo. Instead, she’s a deeply insecure young girl struggling to find her place in a world that doesn’t seem willing to accept her.

Unlike the other two ultimate books currently on the shelves (spider man and black panther), giving readers a new understanding of familiar characters and stories, UltimateX-Men looks like a X-Men The story is in name only. The first issue was stripped of any identifiable elements. No Charles, no Magneto, nothing.

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Momoko gets to the heart of great work X-Men The story is thematic, not visual. The first issue focuses solely on Hisako, allowing readers to understand and sympathize with her. She faces a feeling of isolation and alienation, while sinking deeper into the mystery of why people at her school are dying.This is a disturbing story J-horror Influence. There’s a palpable sense of dread throughout the issue, as Hisako is haunted by shadowy figures rendered in Momo’s signature watercolor style.

Like her work on projects like devil dayThe color and expressiveness Peach uses to render the world and its characters enrich the emotions the story evokes.It’s scary sometimes but respectful in a way X-MenA history that represents marginalized communities or people who have been excluded for any reason.We probably haven’t read the word “mutant” yet Ultimate X-Men, but we already know that this is the mutant experience.A display of narrative and artistic confidence in just one issue Ultimate X-Men Enough to make me hopeful for things to come.

Of course, this hope comes with significant reservations. Not a story about Momoko or Hisako, but about the Ultimate Universe itself.The Ultimate Universe was first created (Ultimate Marvel in 2000) and it led to incredible titles such as Brian Michael Bendis spider man running. The purpose of this move is to ignore decades of convoluted canon in favor of new stories that are easy to get into without prior knowledge. But by 2015, the Ultimate Universe had become complex enough that Marvel merged it with the Main Universe.Likewise, Hickman’s Clark Era X-Men——Started in 2019 X House and Powers of XIt has ended The Fall of House of X and Rise of the X-Force.

Giving Hickman the chance to direct his own rendition of the Ultimate Universe independent of canon seems like an attempt to deliver on Krakoa’s lofty promise – a new status quo. We just don’t know how long it will last. But when we have it, Ultimate X-Men is a fresh alternative to the mainline comics, perfect for fans old and new.

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