What does “Mom, that’s so nice of you to say that” mean? “RuPaul’s Drag Race” meme explains.

Did you hear it? That’s the sound of a new meme taking the internet by storm.

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“The shorter episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race have become a great show…well

This mantra comes from the latest season RuPaul’s Drag Race. In the latest episode, which aired on Friday (March 15), one contestant, Q, revealed that she is HIV-positive.Another contestant, Plane Jane, responded to Q’s honesty: “Mom, I’m honored you said that. Because I spilled something.” The mixed reactions immediately got everyone talking. drag queen show Fans are online.

On Friday, one user posted a screenshot of the scene to the reality show’s Reddit subreddit with the caption: “The plane’s reaction was so unserious 🤣.” The post received more than 2,500 likes and 184 comments.

By Sunday, the phrase had reached a wider audience on X and evolved into a meme. Users replicated Plane Jane’s strange replies by adding dialogue to emotionally resonant scenes from popular TV shows and movies. It’s used in a scenario that has been endlessly analyzed and meme-ized before, from extremely online-obsessed media types.

A user replaced the conversation flea bag In this scene, the sexy priest says “I love you” to Fleabag (“This too shall pass”) and says “Mom, thank you for saying that. Because I spilled something.” Another screen that adds this to the scene Screenshot in progress please call me by your name Elio’s father accepted his sexuality and encouraged him to feel his pain deeply.

Others slightly changed their wording to fit the scene at hand. For example, one user wrote in a screenshot of “I just want to look at you one more time, I just want to give you some overflowing credit.” a star is born.

Barbie, little woman, Titanic, midsummer, Oppenheimer, mad Men, everything happens at the same timeand Brokeback Mountain I also got the “Mom, thank you for saying that. Because I spilled it” treatment.

It’s only a matter of time before heartbreaking moments from your favorite movies…and your group chat arrive.

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