Marvel TV chief explains why it’s time for X-Men to return to the ’90s

X-Men is a comic series defined by its evolution. There are few others like it that can be defined by multiple foundational eras of fan-shaped periods, from its classics to Chris Claremont’s Reignarrive New X-Men, Even all the way to the gates of Krakoa.But for mutants, the ’90s were almost always Back to fashion.

The period of great transition after the campaign of Claremont Uncanny X-Men The ’90s came to an abrupt end, and the ’90s not only reinvented the X-Men in comics, they also ushered in a new team, a new style, and a new direction for a bigger, bolder era of X-cess that made the franchise’s favorites The popularity was at a peak never seen before – but for the first time in a medium beyond the page.Covered Trading Cards Jim Lee’s Artistic Talent Defining the series for thousands of people and introducing mutants big and small to new audiences. The series took its hesitant first steps into live-action media, and stumbled from the start with a 1996 TV pilot. Generation Xand then as we entered the 21st century, the genre was reinvented in 2000 X-Men Movie. Of course, there’s one adaptation that, 30 years later, is still reshaping the past and present of mutants and their fans: X-Men: The Animated Series.

“That era, the X-Men era from the 1970s to the 1990s, that era had the greatest impact on me personally, and it also influenced many people,” Brad Winderbaum,executive producer Upcoming continuation In this legendary animated series, X-Men ’97and Marvel Studios’ head of television, streaming and animation recently told io9 via video chat. “It was the Chris Claremont era, Dave Cockrum, John Byrne, Jim Lee – those styles were ingrained in our minds. I would say even the original Brian ·Singer X-Men Movies and even clothing were a reaction to this style.They’re different, but they’re still [in reaction to that], it’s part of the cultural conversation. “

That means Marvel returns to this defining period over and over again in an attempt to lure the legacy of the ’90s and its various X-fans back to the source material.There’s already a comic book riff X-Men: The Animated Series Teams and styles, from continuation to Another reimagining The recent era of Krakoa – now reappearing in the comics, the X-Men are fighting for another new eraOne of the new teams draws heavily from the lineup of the classic show. Of course, X-Men ’97 picks up directly where the series left off, nearly 30 years after the series concluded.

“It’s exciting to see these things on screen [again]and seeing these characters re-emerge in the publishing world,” Winderbaum continued. “I think it’s because… we stand on the shoulders of giants [Marvel Studios].it needs us three years two hours [of TV]- Publishes 80 books per month. They are storytelling wizards. We can look back at the entire history of incredible materials and see what inspires us to complete the projects we do. “

A lot has been said over the years about the Marvel Cinematic Universe choices and early adaptations, X-Men Included – was created while taking the source material from the comic. But Winderbaum believes that neither is beholden to the influence of the other, and that the relationship between comics and other media is more holistic rather than necessarily forced. “The conversation is a two-way street – they care about what we do, we care about what they do, and we love the same things. This is definitely ‘One Marvel,'” Winderbaum concluded. “We just went to New York last week to visit the publishing team. They walked us through all their plans for the next few years, and it blows my mind that they are able to produce this level of creativity so consistently.”

“The comics are… I always say to fans of the MCU, whenever they ask ‘When’s the next – when’s the next project comic coming out? What’s the next movie coming out? My answer is always “Read comics.” Like, it’s over there, you will get, there is something there that you will like. “

X-Men ’97 Two episodes will premiere on Disney+ this Wednesday, March 20.

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