New Fallout clip highlights series’ wild, wild, dystopian west

Walton Goggins in Fallout

Already dropped two trailersthe next step is Adaptation for Prime Video Popular fall out The game’s purpose was to share a real-life scene from a particular episode – and it chose an ideal setting that showcased the post-apocalyptic setting and the dynamics between three key characters: Ella Purnell’s gun-toting Newbie Lucy; Walton Goggins’ bounty hunter ghoul; and a well-armed member of the Brotherhood of Steel.

Fallout – First Scene | Premium Video

I feel like these three parties will have a lot to consider. fall out get along with. As Prime Video’s official description states, “Based on one of the greatest video game series of all time, fall out It tells the story of the rich and the poor in a world with almost nothing. 200 years after the apocalypse, the gentle residents of a luxury asylum are forced to return to the irradiated hellscape left behind by their ancestors and are shocked to discover that an incredibly complex, bizarre and highly violent universe awaits them.

Along with Purnell and Goggins, fall out Starring Aaron Morton, Moises Arias, Kyle MacLachlan, Sarita Chaudhry, Michael Emerson, Leslie Ugams, Frances Te Na, Dave Rest, Zach Cherry, Johnny Pemberton, Rodrigo Luzzi, Annabel O’Hagan and Shelia Mendez-Jones.It’s created by Kilter Films and Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy (who know a thing or two about the weird frontier, having produced westworld). All eight episodes will be available on Prime Video worldwide on April 11.

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