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A schoolgirl has taken to Reddit to say she sleeps too much and it’s “ruining” her life. She sought help online and said too much sleep was also affecting her relationship with her mother. Read her story to learn more!

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New Delhi: Sleep is a fundamental aspect of human life and is critical to physical health, mental health, and overall functioning. However, when this happens all the time, it can also create obstacles in your daily life, especially if you have things planned for yourself that can’t and shouldn’t wait. The student’s appeal to the public to find ways to stay awake will prove that excessive sleep can affect people in ways you didn’t know existed.

Reddit post goes viral

“I feel sleepy all the time. Even after sleeping for 10 hours, I don’t feel fresh. It’s been like this for the past 2 years. My whole life has become “jhand” because of it. I try to get up early and go for a walk to make myself feel Fresh, but I was feeling extremely tired that day. Since I was preparing for JEE, this sleep ruined everything for me,” the student wrote in a post on Reddit that has now gone viral.

“I had already ruined my first try and didn’t want to do it a second time. This sleep break also affected my relationship with my mom. She was often angry with me and always laughed at me. I’m tired of my current life “I hate who I am now and 80% of it is because of my sleep. Every little thing irritates me now,” the post further read.

“I’m addicted to social media and I’ve tried to quit it but failed every time. I know it may seem like I’m just venting without taking any positive steps to improve. However, now I really want to change Myself. I don’t want to continue living like this. Please consider me your sister and give me your guidance,” the post concluded.

Netizen reaction

Many netizens who were concerned about this matter made suggestions to her in the comment area. “What to do if you are dehydrated, I recommend you drink juice or coconut water. I noticed this on the 12th too. “Testing the rest of the vitamins, I or everyone in my circle of friends is deficient in Vitamin D or Vitamin B12 ,” one social media user wrote.

“It’s the same brother. Tried everything, vitamin D supplements, coffee, energy drinks, morning walks, exercise, drinking too much wine, nothing works. On a pure day, I just sleep and rest. Too much time is consumed What a waste. I have been sleeping for 12 hours, utha hi nhi jata. Didn’t hear the siren or feel the sound of dad’s teeth. Even the doctor didn’t say anything,” another user wrote.

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