Truecaller gets AI upgrade for Android users to block robocalls

A new AI feature from Truecaller is tackling spam calls, and it’s technology we can get behind.

The caller ID app has launched “Max,” a setting that uses artificial intelligence to filter out unwanted calls, TechCrunch reports. The feature is an update for Truecaller Premium subscribers and is only available on Android. Therefore, this version is limited to Android users who pay $9.99 or above for the premium version. Since Apple takes a closed ecosystem approach to app development, Truecaller has limited features and there is no paid version for iOS.

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Filtering out large numbers of unwanted calls is a popular use of artificial intelligence. According to the Federal Trade Commission, nearly 50 billion robocalls will be made in 2022. AI’s ability to analyze and automate large amounts of data makes it ideal for automated blocking services like Truecaller. Recently, the app also released Truecaller Assistant, which uses AI to answer calls for you and determine whether to transfer the call to you.

Typically, Truecaller blocks calls by checking potential spam numbers against its database of known culprits. The AI ​​feature works by automatically blocking all incoming calls from unapproved contacts or numbers that Truecaller’s AI deems to be spam.Therefore, “in some cases, some legitimate businesses may temporarily [be blocked]”, VP Kunal Dua told TechCrunch. However, users can unlock their numbers at any time, and Dua added that based on this feedback, the service will improve over time.

For Android users with a Truecaller Premium account, you can turn on Max by updating the Truecaller app to the latest version and going to Settings > Blocking. From there, you’ll see a new option to enable Max.

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