Uncover the secrets and shadows of Acolyte’s first trailer

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The Jedi is talking to Sister Anicea, played by Jodie Turner Smith, who is described as the leader of an independent “coven” that places a high value on protecting their customs and beliefs. While she’s an entirely new character, all of her facial markings, her gestures, and her “Mother” title might excite some High Republic fans: It sure sounds a lot like the path to Open Hands.

Introduced as the main faction in Phase 2 high republic The story itself is set 150 years before the main period, so 250 years earlier acolyte-The Path of the Open Hand is a Force religion that strongly opposes the actual use of the Force, believing that any manipulation of the Force amounts to abuse. The Paths were the main antagonists of the High Republic’s second phase, manipulating the Jedi Order and various other Force religions into conflict, while also discovering mysterious creatures known as the “Nameless” – monsters that preyed on those who were Force-sensitive. creatures and turn them into ashes and ash. Stones, sucking the life force out of them.

Over the course of the second phase, the Path split into different factions and then almost completely disbanded after a battle with the Jedi known as the “Night of Sorrow” – with the survivors of one of the factions forming a new organization , the Road Presbyterian Church, while another faction established a new organization, the Road Presbyterian Church. Eventually becoming the basis of the pirate organization known as the Void, who were the main antagonists of the High Republic’s first and third phases.So even if this rally is connected to roads, they may not be actually At this point the path itself.but they Can Become a branch of its teachings.

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