Here are the internet’s dumbest theories about Kate Middleton

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The Kate Middleton saga has been a boon to the tabloids and a boon to internet conspiracy theorists.since middleton Had abdominal surgery In January, and then failing to attend a number of annual and/or scheduled events, the internet was abuzz with theories as to what might have happened to her.then came doctored photos, making things worse. Despite repeated claims from the palace that Kate was alive and well, public speculation persisted.

I admit it seems odd that the royal family didn’t do a better job of addressing public concerns about Middleton’s whereabouts. Is it really that hard to post a video of Kate speaking directly and saying, “Hey, uh, yeah, I’m fine – don’t worry, y’all”? Of course, if she did, there would be plenty of theories about the video being a deepfake. Let’s face it: in the modern era, reality no longer exists, and all that remains is the endlessly speculative nature of digital infotainment. No one really cares if Middleton lives or dies, they just want to laugh, joke, and post about it.

With that in mind, here are some of the internet’s best guesses at what happened to Middleton.

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