Here’s the first clip from the Fallout TV show that includes a jetpack landing, and it looks, well, kind of silly

Will you take a look? Here’s another scenario we can expect to see when we sit down to watch the Fallout TV show next month.This time it’s the first video Amazon has released, and it features a video with a jetpack, and it’s definitely no A bit silly.

Yes, forget about the heavily edited trailers, like the ones we’ve been receiving recently, this is the first direct scene from the show we’ve received, and it features a showdown between some of the main characters. Does it look good? I will say this, even though the entry of the Brotherhood of Steel members is arguably a bit hilarious.

As you can see below, Amazon shared a 1 minute and 30-second or so clip of Lucy, played by vault dweller Ella Purnell, trying to stop a ghoul (Walton Goggin) in a very polite way (played by Si) continues to do some dirty things. Some of the residents of one of those quintessential wasteland shantytowns we all know and love. Sadly, because she’s, you know, a shelter dweller and thus has the survival instincts of a particularly naive puppy, she gives a speech about wasteland relationships straight out of a shelter tech manual.

The ghoul isn’t phased, so she shoots him with something similar to the syringe in Fallout 4 with, well, a syringe. Ghoul then says it doesn’t matter since he’s already on a lot of drugs. So, it sounds like he’s basically every NPC in New Vegas.

Then a Brotherhood of Steel guy flew in, sounding like a TV news report where they had to hide someone’s identity. He’s called “Knight of Titus,” has a cool scratch on the front of his power armor, and tells the ghoul to stop being a naughty boy, which is pretty much where the clip ends.

But wait a minute, because we have to discuss the moment when Titus flies in with what I assume is a jetpack attached to his power armor. Given his appearance, I expected him to jump up and land with a loud thud, like in Fallout 4. Instead, he floats down gently in a strangely graceful way so that someone can step in to stop someone from shooting someone. Something else.

It’s really like he’s trying not to damage the bottoms of his power armor feet, which is kind of pointless because, as we’ve established, one of the most interesting details in the clip is that his power armor is already a little weathered. Honestly, I think the last line of the clip – with the ghoul saying “you’re fucking kidding me” – is just a slightly less intimidating reaction to the knight’s pedigree.

But don’t worry. That’s just my two cents, as I said, everything else looks cool.

Additionally, trying to please every fan with every detail like this would be impossible, something the show’s creators have recently spoken about.

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