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Fede Álvarez begins production alien The movie didn’t realize he was making alien Movie.He is in a meeting Ridley Scott’s Company just before scott made Alien: Covenant, he mentioned a few things he would like to see happen. “I was like, ‘I think you guys should do this and handle it this way, and maybe this is it,'” he told hollywood reporter. “All of a sudden, I started pitching, but I wasn’t really asked to do it. So somehow, the feeling stayed in the air, and a few years later, Ridley was reminded of it.”

Those initial seeds became Alien: Romulus, The first trailer was released today. Not much is revealed in the film, but here’s the studio’s description of the film: “While searching the depths of an abandoned space station, a group of young space colonists come face to face with the most terrifying life forms in the universe.” The key here are “young space colonists,” an idea Alvarez took from his DVD alien.

“I I remember watching an extended clip alienone moment you see a group of children running [and riding a Big Wheel] Around the corridors of this colony,” Alvarez said. “I thought, ‘Wow, what would it be like for those kids to grow up in a colony that’s still 50 years away from terraforming? No sunshine, no real life, except doing the same job as my parents. “

“So, when I saw those kids, I remember thinking, ‘If I were to tell a story about that world, I would definitely be interested in those kids in their early 20s and what they wanted to do and where they wanted to go. Where,'” he continued. “When they meet the creature, the dynamic is completely different. So that’s probably why we were successful. When Ridley read about the movie, he felt like it was completely different than the other movies.”

came back.

came back.
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It’s certainly different seeing a bunch of young people fighting aliens, but the director swears his movie borrowed the best elements from Aliens. alien Series: The horror of the original, the action of the sequel, and more. “It’s made in such a way that hopefully it’s for everyone, but it’s relatable to everyone,” Alvarez said. “I love all of these movies. When it comes to connections on a story level, on a character level, on a technical level, on a biological level, I don’t want to overlook or ignore any of them. There’s always something from alien arrive Alien: Covenant“.

Another key was that he developed the script and final film with the help of two masters: alien Director Ridley Scott, also producer alien Director James Cameron. Both read the script for the film, saw the complete cut, and loved it. “It’s also interesting because [Cameron and Scott’s] Notes and comments are completely different. “Alvarez said with a smile. “They don’t repeat any information. Whatever Ridley said, Cameron said something different. They’re all super smart comments and notes and thoughts about movies and filmmaking and so on, but they all have completely different approaches. So the beauty of being able to make this film was having the opportunity to work with them. “

Obviously, with only a trailer available, it’s Alvarez’s job to start promoting his movie before it’s released. guess what? It’s a great thing that he said all of the above.He said more in a great interview hollywood reporter, you should 100% read it.Then mark it for release on August 16th Alien: Romulus.

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