Someone at the flea market can’t give away a copy of NBA 2K19

If you walk into a store that sells used video games, you’ll undoubtedly stumble upon a collection of old sports games gathering dust.Even if they cost very little, like a dollar, people don’t need outdated copies Madden 21 or MLB Show 22 it seems. A guy at a flea market recently discovered that you can’t even give these games away for free.

In a recent article in the blue sky, Video Game History Foundation Board member Steve Lin shared some photos from his trip Electronics Flea Market— a long-running electronics-focused swap meet in Northern California — and some of the things he encountered. As expected, Lin saw old game consoles, TVs, vintage electronics, and other cool stuff that made me jealous since I live in Kansas so far away from this event.Anyway, in one photo, Lin shows a large plastic box containing many (probably 35 or more) sealed copies NBA 2K19 Available for Xbox One. There was a sign in the bin that said “FREE – TAKE ALL”

Apparently someone is in the market trying to give away a copy of the basketball game to anyone out there. It didn’t go well.

“Another person had trouble distributing sealed copies 2K19 For Xbox One,” Lin said.

in a follow up postI’m telling me that person is trying to get rid of all these copies NBA 2K19 Xbox is willing to provide every copy to someone, but there’s a catch.

“He tried to get some of us to take them all away, but we had to leave the bin because he wanted to keep it,” Lin said.

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While I understand not wanting to lose a good storage box – as a new homeowner I’ve become addicted to storing stuff in boxes and bins – I wonder if this guy screwed himself over by getting rid of all these games .Maybe someone out there would be happy to take all these copies NBA 2K19, but just not interested in the litter box. what a shame.

If you want to know, Yes, I did get a copy. NBA 2K19. Hey, every video game deserves to be preserved and preserved as part of the history of the industry.Maybe I’m adding this Xbox copy NBA 2K19 arrive VGHF’s ​​Archives. (Although VGHF is more focused on Game background, so maybe not. )

As for the guy trying to give away all these copies NBA 2K19, good brother, there is always the next electronic flea market. Next time, put them in a brown bag you don’t mind giving away.


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